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Mr and Mrs Baxter

Our clients moved from a busy city into a lovely village cottage, initially a painted in-frame kitchen was installed but it wasn’t the desired style. after discussing the different kitchen styles the client fell in love with the Mereway handleless kitchen.

With handleless kitchens it is important to get the unit combination correct to maximise the effect of the linear lines, the use of drawers makes the kitchen easier to access rather than reaching down into cupboards but we also needed to incorporate doors into the design for the dishwasher, sink unit and corner storage solution. By making the drawer packs into three larger units rather than four+ smaller drawer packs we were able to elongate the linear lines around the kitchen. We then installed the dishwasher as our stopping point for the lower lines, this then pushed the sinks to under the window to allow the client look out over the never-ending views while washing up.

Mereway also offer a range of Blum internals to make efficient use of the cabinets such as pull down racking and adjustable plate racking.

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