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Mr and Mrs Nicolson

The clients initial ideas completely changed from our first appointment but everyone was really happy with the outcome. The original idea from the customer was to removed the bath and have a large walk in shower but during lockdowns they realised they would miss the bath so we adapted the design by removing an old airing cupboard and added a shower cubical in it’s place. The shower cubical included an over head shower and handheld shower as well as a recessed alcove for shampoo and body washes which was lined in Coral Grey quartz to match the vanity worktop. The client wanted to be able to relax in the bath but found the round ended baths hugged him a little more than he wanted so we suggested the square ended bath which allowed him to lay in a more comfortably.

The white subway tiles weren’t to the taste of these clients but they loved the effect of the smaller tiles so when they came across the grey they knew this was the way forward, the darker accents of the vanity and radiator  gave a contrast between the LVT flooring and ceramic wall tiles and above the radiator was a little bit of fun with the pale blue flamingo wallpaper. The toilet was in a small room just outside of the bathroom, the clients understood there wasn’t a lot that could be done in this room as there was soil pipe restrictions but by adding a unit concealing the cistern and a wall hung toilet, it removed the awkward cleaning areas, the tiles and wallpaper added an extra texture to the room which transformed the small space.

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