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Mr & Mrs Park

This room was originally the downstairs bathroom which was in need of refreshing.   We removed the stand-alone PVC shower cubicle and installed a luxurious steel enamel bath with Brushed brass un-lacquered brassware.

To avoid the typical boxing around the soil pipe we installed the Ellis Furniture in the new Novo Reeds Green which masks the soil pipe but also gives a small amount of storage.  We installed an Italiano quartz worktop with a waterfall edge detail between the bath and the furniture, this adds a striking detail but also a practical point if any water was to splash against the furniture.

The subtle Northbay grey wall tiles provide a simple canvas allowing the Brass and Reeds green to make a statement with the Metallic Nickel flooring adding a touch of texture.

The Zhender Klaro in Anthracite neatly tucked behind the door providing heat to the room but also a place to dry towels.


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